Our goal is to help every Australian afford their dream home.


What are Buyer Assistants?

A Buyer Assistant saves you time and money. We represent you when you are buying a property, and ensure you get the best deal possible. Buying property is a huge task and having an expert represent you means you end up with a better outcome than you thought possible.


Our Story

In 2015 the founder of Buyer Assistants, Will A. Turner, accompanied his mother to an inspection for an unlisted house she was excited to buy. After inspecting the house, the real estate agent having seen his mother's excitement stated that only an offer of $650,000 would secure the house for her. She asked whether $620,000 would be enough and the agent firmly declined. With fear of losing her dream house, she prepared to offer this full amount.

Aware that unlisted properties are sometimes overvalued in private sales, Will requested the agent explain the price and told the agent they would have a valuation conducted before putting in an official offer.

The agent responded saying this delay in contract would not be possible for the sellers and they could perhaps accept the $620,000 without a valuation. Having saved $30,000 and a further $6,420 during contract negotiations, Will saw that thousands of Australians could benefit by having an experienced agent on their side.


How do I use a Buyer Assistant?

When you find a property that you want, simply contact us and we will arrange the best time and place to meet that suits you. We'll go through your goals, timeline, budget, and priorities and tailor-make a strategic plan personalised to you.

We will then negotiate with the seller with a focus on ensuring you get the property and at the best price. We don't leave you there, but instead help to arrange Building and Pest Inspections, building insurance, and conveyancing. We support you right until the property is yours!

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